Derwent Valley Vets Health Plan

Now available at Derwent Valley Vets – Worry-free Petcare

Join today and save between 20-30% on essential health services for your pet. Including worming and flea treatments, vaccinations and annual health checks, these plans spread the cost of your routine care. You get peace of mind knowing you are proactively monitoring your pet’s health, whilst getting the best value in pet care. Sign up takes just 2 minutes and you start saving straight away.


What’s included?




Annual health check




Annual core vaccination




Additional vaccine (VHD2) Rabbits




10% discount on additional vaccines e.g. rabies, kennel cough




Year-round flea, tick and worm prevention




Insecticide applications Rabbits



Yes - 2 doses

10% discount on dental treatment




Annual nurse consult for minor procedure e.g. nail clip




Annual urine screen for pets over 10 years of age





Pricing starts from as little as £10.50 per calendar month. 12-month contract applies.


<7.5kg                    £12 per calendar month

7.5-15kg                £14 per calendar month

15-30kg                 £16 per calendar month

30-60kg                 £18 per calendar month

Cats                        £10.50 per calendar month

Rabbits                  £10.50 per calendar month       


To start saving today sign up online via the link below

Click here to sign up to our health plan 


 If you need further information, an up to date weight for your pet or if you would rather someone input your details for you onto the health plan please contact reception on 01629 55666 or call in for a chat.


Cat face artistic b&w



Keyhole Speys


Keyhole Spey
Laparoscopic Ovariectomy – available to patients over 7kg body weight.

Just as keyhole surgery has advantages in humans, the same opportunity now exists for our pets.

Keyhole surgery is minimally invasive surgery involving passing a camera and specialised instruments through tiny incisions in the body wall.



Advantages compared to a traditional bitch spay.

· Less pain after surgery

· Smaller incisions

· Faster recovery time (3 days)

· No external stitches to chew (so no buster collar)

· Faster healing times

· Fewer post-operative complications

· Clearer view and magnification for the surgeon


Due to the positioning of the instruments, a large clip area is required on both sides of the abdomen to ensure the area is aseptic.

The operation is performed through two small incisions 0.5-1.2cm (compared to 6-15cm for traditional bitch spays). 

The camera (laparoscope) is placed through one incision, and slender instruments through the other. The surgeon can then visualise the ovaries on the screen and remove them.

Cautery is used to stop blood flow to the ovary and scissors can then cut the ligament attaching the ovary to the body (avoiding the painful stretching of this ligament required in a traditional spay).

The small incisions are then closed with absorbable stitches under the skin, and sealed with tissue glue.


Frequently asked questions


1. Does my pet require pain relief at home and when can my pet return to normal activity?

We routinely send all patients home with 2-3days of pain killer.  One of the major advantages of this procedure is that the wounds are so small most animals do not need any further pain relief and can resume normal activity after only 2 days.


2. How long does the operation take?

Surgical time depends on the patient, but is usually around 1 hour. Patients recover quickly and in the majority of cases go home the same day.


3. When should I get my pet speyed?

The spey procedure needs to be carried out when your pet is not in season.  Most dogs will cycle every 6 months so the ideal time is approximately 3 months after a season.  We can also spey prior to the 1st season.


4. What is the cost?

The cost depends on the weight of the patient.  The fees quoted below include 2-3 days of pain relief and post-operative check ups. 

Under 15kg                £295

15-30kg                      £315

Over 30kg                  £340


If you require any specific information, please telephone us at the practice on (01629 55 666) . You will be able to speak immediately to one of our vets or nurses.

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