Lizzie graduated from Glasgow Vet School in 2018. Before moving to Derwent Valley Vets in 2023, she had worked at other small animal veterinary practices both as a consulting and hospital vet and has gained a wealth of knowledge in management of more complex medical cases.  She is a keen ultrasonographer, being particularly good at ultrasound investigations to help aid a medical diagnosis, and she is currently working towards a certificate in small animal medicine.

Lizzie has a ‘naughty’ two-year-old Welsh Springer Spaniel called ‘Finn’ who has been known to help himself to a box of chocolates or two. The most recent of his indiscretions resulting in a trip down to the practice after hours to be made sick … see these things do happen to us too !! When Finn is behaving himself, Lizzie and Finn do scent trailing and manhunting around the local area which helps Lizzie keep his super intelligent brain active. Lizzie also has a very cool black cat called ‘Dave’, although Lizzie says Dave does not think he is a cat being more like a dog in his mannerisms and behaviour!